“Do you know where dreams come from?” Georges Méliès

I sat in the darkened theatre on Thanksgiving Day.  I was not alone. Others were there, sitting in the darkness, bags of popcorn in their laps, waiting for their turkey dinner later in the day.

I was there.  All of me.  I was present as HUGO played on the big screen.

I sat through a myriad of trailers.  All of the films were in 3D.  It seems like studios all think that 3D will bring butts into the theatres.  But, as a watched trailer after trailer, even “Titanic” re-mastered in 3D, I realized that 3D has the potential to make the audience to feel removed from the story they are watching.

Come on Hollywood, find some other way to fill your theatres.  Try Emerg-o or Percept-o.  A Punishment Poll can be great fun.  Even a Coward’s Corner.  With all the tools at your disposal can’t someone come up with a way to make a movie going experience an experience?

Yes HUGO was in 3D but that did not bother me in the least.  I was floored, bowled over, left breathless in the dark on Thanksgiving Day.

What a masterpiece of storytelling.

I cried.  Truly I did.  Tears as real as a heart filled with love.

The story of HUGO is a story for dreamers.

“Do you know where dreams come from? Just look around.  They are made right here!”

Méliès Studio

Georges  Méliès became a toy salesman after all his films were melted down to heels for shoes.

The films of the father of special effects were all but lost.  He was a dreamer.  So was I.

But because of fans of his work, film historians, some of the films of Méliès  were recovered and his art lives on.

I died thinking I was terribly unsuccessful.  But I have come to know that I am still remember.

I am no Georges Méliès.  But, like him I am a dreamer.  To feel appreciated is priceless.

So, I sat in the theatre and cried.

Scorsese loves movies.  He is a film historian.  He is a dreamer.  He told a story that uplifted me and broke my heart, and then left me feeling completely in his debt for a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

I have so much to be Thankful for.  Most of all, for all of you.

Thank You!



  1. alan stewart says:

    please look into releasing cd soundtracks from mr. castle’s most popular films. thank you.

  2. George Ferris says:

    Dear Bill,
    I thank you for your suggestion. The only part that has me momentarily stalled is the different ways of killing people in a soundproofed woodworking shop, without resorting to using a table-saw.
    Best regards,

  3. George Ferris says:

    Dear Bill,
    we in turn are grateful for your art and vision and passion for cinema and life. The World needs its dreamers or it becomes a very sad and dull place. Both you and George Melies saw beyond the everyday approach to cinema, each in their time.
    I have been immersing myself in research and the writing of a screenplay. It is more than a bit on the “dark” side. I think you would approve. I have taken your advice and am building fully formed characters and situations.
    Best regards,

    • William Castle says:

      and if you need inspiration remember Julia Cameron’s ” The Artist’s Way.”

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